botanical tallow - deeply rooted in mindful & traditional creation


Here at Slow, we are tuned into our cyclical nature, and committed to a process infused with the essence of slow.

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100% committed to using LOW poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in our formulations. Why low PUFA?

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Each and every ingredient is thoughtfully chosen from farmers and suppliers we trust. EO FREE skincare!

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Slow herbal & resin infused


Slow's low-pufa oils & saturated fats are infused with whole herbs and resins through a double-extraction method learned from herbalist Kami McBride. This ensures the most potent extraction with a wide range of medicinal constituents infused into the fat, plus an extended shelf life without the use of preservatives. Our potions are infused with WHOLE plants and resins, containing zero essential oils, making them gentle enough for every body.


We choose gentle herbs and nourishing oils/butters when formulating for Mama & Bebe. No essential oils, whole plant infusions ~ only the best for you and your sweet babe.

Reconnecting with nature is like coming home to yourself.

Take a minute and sit with the word "slow" ~ what thoughts and feelings come up for you? Do you think you can begin to reconnect yourself with the natural rhythms of the Earth? To the cyclical nature of your entire being? What would this look like for you? In what areas of your life can you be more present, take more time, slow your pace?

Slow's potions invite you to create ritual. To reconnect with simple pleasures nature provides. We are here to offer a conscious & nourishing relationship to the world of flora & fauna through an infusion of skin & soul care.