Here at Slow, we take deep pride in where & how we source our ingredients. The majority of our plant & animal oils/fats come from bioregional farmers we trust. Others are certified organic from suppliers we've built relationships with and are proud to purchase from. Many of our herbs come from small, family-owned regenerative and/or certified organic farms, some are grown on our property, and some are consciously wildcrafted here in Northern New Mexico. And finally, our resins, vanilla bean and tree barks are all certified organic and fair trade from suppliers we trust and admire!


From planting the seed and witnessing the growth to gently harvesting and alchemizing into magic for your skin & soul, we are tuned into our cyclical nature, and committed to a process infused with the essence of slow. Each and every batch of infused fats is taken through a double extraction process around the Full Moon ~ inviting creative energy into every drop. Slow skincare means our potions contain an array of constituents and nutrients that have been preserved through delicate handling of fresh and dried plant material, oils and animal fats. This is SLOW skin & soul care.


High PUFA oils can cause susceptibility to free radicals and cellular damage which can cause irritation and accelerate your skin's aging. Here at SLOW, we choose a balanced ration of monounsaturated & SATURATED fats to polyunsaturated fats, assuring that your skin will instantly feel supple, nourished and protected! Read more about why low PUFA here.


Here at SLOW, we deeply value lessening our carbon footprint as much as possible. This means we source local ingredients, use biodegradable gloves for sanitation, use minimal PCR plastics, reusable glass bottles and jars, and pack orders in recyclable kraft paper and reusable boxes. We strive for minimal waste by composting our plant material back into the earth. When you choose SLOW, you're making an impact.


NO ESSENTIAL OILS in our formulations. We infuse fresh or freshly dried whole plants into our medium (oil, fat, vinegar, honey, alcohol) to extract an array of constituents the plant has to offer in its whole form. Read more about the difference between essential oils and infused oils and why we choose not to formulate with Essential Oils on our FAQ page here.


Our ancestors used animal fats including tallow, lard and butter to preserve plants and nourish their skin. No fragrances, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, surfactants, emulsifiers, mineral oils, seed oils, or petroleum will be found in our formulations. We value ancient wisdom by utilizing natures gifts ~ plants & fats ~ for our skin & soul.