10 Steps to Glowing Skin

10 Steps to Glowing Skin

The skin is a complex structure—one of which we will be diving into over the next few blog posts. Today, however, I want to start with the basics and remind you that you have control over how your skin appears externally by what you're putting in-and-on your body, how much sunlight you're exposed to, how you manage stress and more. Let's dive in:

#1 (and for good reason) Eliminate PUFAs in and on your skin. We talk more in depth about why low PUFA here. While Slow minimizes PUFA content in our skincare, we highly recommend ditching them completely when it comes to your diet. This can be more challenging than you think, which is why we are working on creating a "how to eliminate PUFAs in our modern world" guide that will be available soon. 

#2 Consume balanced meals on a regular basis (every 2-4 hours *snacks are key) rich in bioavailable protein, saturated fats and carbohydrates (yes, sugar!). Your balance might look different from others. Protein should always be high- working towards at least 100g per day. Play around with the other two and decide what feels best for your body (more energy, clear mind, etc).

#3 Use hormone-friendly/nutrient-rich skincare. We've got you covered here!

#4 Hydrate internally with mineral-rich drinks. This can be as simple as adding a pinch of sea salt into your water along with a dash of maple syrup and lemon juice. Some additional drinks throughout the day can be high-quality coconut water, herbal infusions, and a favorite around here—raw milk!

#5 Start consuming collagen and gelatin on a daily basis. Our favorite brand for powder is Perfect Supplements (Family-owned, 3rd party tested and always glyphosate free!). Add collagen to coffee, smoothies and even baked goods. Gelatin can be added to broth, sauces, soups, burgers, hot drinks, gummies and marshmallows. You can also consume bone broth, pork skins, gelatinous meat cuts, etc. 

#6 Make sure you're getting enough fat-soluble vitamins daily (ADEK). Think raw, grass-fed butter and milk, organ meats, pastured eggs and sunlight. 

#7 On that note, get outside in the sun and fresh air every single day (preferably several times a day, starting with first thing in the morning to get that early am light on your eyes to support a healthy circadian rhythm).

#8 Sleep and rest whenever possible. This can be incredibly challenging. Between work, children, house-chores, etc. It can seem nearly impossible. Some of you may even have a difficult time with sleep. When you follow all of these simple recommendations, I guarantee you will notice a shift in your sleep. For now, rest when you can. This doesn't just mean your body, but also your mind. Put your devices away, close your eyes and focus on breath—not your to-do list! Another helpful tool for calming your body and mind is our Dreamy Lavender Magnesium Balm.

#9 Reduce stress wherever you can. We simply cannot live without stress; it's a part of life. However, we can eliminate some stressors that are sending our bodies into a chronic state of stress while supporting our bodies in all these other ways to minimize the effects. Here are a few ideas on how to reduce stress: Learn how to set & hold boundaries (say "no" to things that don't feel good for you). Surround yourself with people that lift you up, making you feel happy and safe. Say goodbye to those that bog you down or add more stress. Move your body daily. Magnesium.

#10 Last but not least, be KIND to yourself. If this isn't your current lifestyle and you're having to make big shifts, be gentle on yourself as you un-learn and re-learn. Perfection is not the goal here. Take it one day at a time.

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