NEW! Silky Locks Botanical Hair Oil

NEW! Silky Locks Botanical Hair Oil

How does our slow herbal infused hair oil work its magic?

We have been so excited to share this potion with you that has been in the works for months now!
We begin with a base of thoughtfully sourced small-batch Arizona grown & pressed organic jojoba oil + organic vitamin E oil & a splash of hexane-free organic castor oil. This trio is already magic for your hair. Packed with vitamins & minerals that soften, strengthen and lengthen your luscious locks. The botanicals we narrowed in on were chosen for their abilities to nourish, moisturize, block DHT & protect your hair & scalp. Tremella Mushroom Extract, Horsetail Extract, Laurel Bay Leaf, Rosemary & Nettle.

JOJOBA OIL (Organic/Arizona grown & pressed on a small family-owned farm)
- not an actual oil, but a wax ester, making this an excellent "oil" that will actually sit on top of your hair and seal in moisture from water or a hydrosol as well as the benefits from the botanicals & other oils.
- loaded with Vitamins A, B, C & E + zinc & copper that work synergistically to strengthen your locks, promoting length & regrowth!
- jojoba also has the power to rebalance your scalps PH, supporting a reduction in dandruff and overall scalp health (the key to lovely locks)

VITAMIN E OIL (mixed tocopherols & organic wheatgerm oil)
- reduces oxidative stress from environmental pollutants
- nourishes & strengthens hair follicles
- increases circulation to the scalp, promoting growth & reducing loss
- leaves your hair feeling silky smooth

CASTOR OIL (organic & hexane-free)
- rich in ricinoleic acid, which helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, supporting the strengthening of each hair strand and decreasing breakage
- castor oil is a humectant, making it excellent at locking in moisture & shine

TREMELLA MUSHROOM EXTRACT (sourced from our favorite woman-owned tonic company, Root + Bones)
- the magic inside SILKY LOCKS contains high amounts of polysaccharides that draw & lock moisture into the hair & scalp.
- revered as an anti-aging/beauty ingredient, this fungus offers magic through its richness in proteins, vitamin D & zinc
-Tremella mushroom holds 500x its weight in moisture noticeably hydrating each and every strand of hair
- Insanely reduces frizz and gives you that touch-worthy head of silk!

HORSETAIL EXTRACT (wild harvested & extracted in the apothecary - 1:4)
- rich source of most B vitamins, vitamin C, E & K + magnesium, folate, iron & zinc + LOADED with its star mineral SILICA
- increases hair elasticity and resistance
- decreases breakage/strengthens and lubricates hair strands
- promotes thickening of hair

LAUREL BAY LEAF (grown with love locally in a greenhouse, freshy dehydrated in our apothecary)
- its well-researched anti-inflammatory properties are going to work wonders at calming an irritated and inflamed scalp which will in turn promote hair growth and reduce hair loss
- rich in nutrients that will support the overall vitality of your locks, reducing breakage & strengthening the hair shaft
- potent antimicrobial properties that can help tackle any bacterial or fungal overgrowth and bring balance to the microbiome of the scalp

ROSEMARY (sourced from a local permaculture farm, harvested fresh and dehydrated in our apothecary)
- well-known & researched hair loving herb that drastically improves hair growth and minimizes loss by blocking the hormone DHT.
- rich antioxidant activity that protects your hair from damage
- nutrient profile that strengthens the hair from within

NETTLE (grown wild on our property & wildcrafted here in Northern New Mexico)
- another tried & true hair loving herb that also blocks DHT & increases blood flow to scalp, noticeably reducing hair loss
- rich in vitamins & minerals that deeply support the health & vitality of your hair
- deeply calms inflammation, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair follicles 

TRUST US! This formula is like no other & when used properly with consistency, you WILL notice a difference in the overall health & vitality of your hair. If you struggle with dandruff, dryness, lack of luster, hair loss, or stunted hair growth, this formula is for you!

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